About Me!  How I became #TravellingNessy#!  My passion for travelling stems from early childhood travels.  I started teaching straight after qualifying in 2000 and bagged my 1st International post in 2008.  This is when the real travels began, as I made the most of living in Asia and took advantage of the long school holidays.  UK born and raised, I have travelled to 6 continents, seen all of the Seven Wonders and visited over 100 countries!

Through this blog I hope to share with you stories, tips, facts and photographs of my journey to see the epic 196 countries of the world!  Travelling has become an education in itself for me, the sights I’ve seen, the people I’ve met and the friends that I’ve made. There are somethings in life you can’t put a price on and travel is one of them!

For my teacher followers… Marking books, planning and assessments is for term time, school breaks are for travels!  Dream it, Do it and Inspire !!! 

Please leave some feedback, it’s always good to hear your thoughts. .. x

Check out my reviews on Trip Advisor – TravellingNessy (Level 6 Contributor) !



12 thoughts on “Homepage

  1. This is great Vanessa. I will be reading your blogs. I am encouraging my girls to get out there and do the same and at some point I’ll be out there too. Looking forward to reading your blogs. Love Lorraine


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